Thursday, May 6, 2010

Certify your Own Yard as a Wildlife Habitat

Do you have a passion for gardening? Do you have a passion for conserving natural habitat for our local wildlife?

Then here's how you can have fun, reconnect with nature, educate your children, and be part of supporting Sammamish as a certified Community Wildlife Habitat.

A Community Wildlife Habitat is a community that provides habitat for wildlife throughout the community - in individual backyards, on school grounds, and in public areas such as parks, places of worship, and businesses - creating a place where residents, flora and fauna can all flourish.

Join your fellow Sammamish residents in certifying your own backyard as a wildlife habitat, and be recognized for creating havens for our local wildlife
. The certification process involves a simple online survey, and at the end of the survey you can conveniently pay the $20 certification fee (that covers the cost of a one year membership with the National Wildlife Federation) and choose from a range of yard signs to proudly display in your yard!

CLICK HERE to certify your own Backyard Wildlife Habitat today!